The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange

Welcome to The Creative Exchange, hosted by YouTuber & creative entrepreneur Sara Dietschy. On this podcast you will find candid conversations with the best artists and business professionals in the world. More information and content from the podcast can be found on Sara Dietschy's YouTube channel, Twitter & Instagram (@SaraDietschy)

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    CEO of Wampler Pedals - Guitar Gear, the Music Industry & Why He Was Featured in a GaryVee Book (#27)

    Brian Wampler is the CEO of Wampler Pedals. He is a guitar player, a "gear nut" and most importantly is helping create some of the world’s best guitar tones. This one is special for me since I've played guitar since I was 11 and I am quite a gear head, as well. I don't play in a band anymore but still love chatting about and playing guitar. In this episode we chat about: how Wampler pedals started, the ups and downs of running a business, the importance of creating content on YouTube and Facebook to grow a community passionate about your product, the $4,000 guitar pedal and much more.

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    Thomas Frank - The Productivity Guru (#26)

    Thomas Frank helps students with study tips, note taking strategies and advice on how to destroy productivity. His self titled YouTube channel features videos like "The Most Powerful Way to Remember What You Study", "8 Habits of High Successful Students" and "How to Stop Being Tired All of the Time". I'm so excited to learn more about Thomas' journey and what lead him to help people live their best productive lives! In this episode we chat about why college is still important for some people, my problem with college, why Facebook is so important for business and productivity / note taking apps we use!

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    MainGear CEO - Wallace Santos on Custom PCs, Esports & How to Run a Small Business (#25)

    The custom PC market is EXPLODING - much due to pc gaming and live streaming soaring in the past few years. Maingear builds beautiful PCS that pack a lot of power but look more like an art piece than a computer. Maingear CEO - Wallace Santos - chats with Sara about is there such thing as too many cores?, live streaming games on twitch, the weird ecosystem that is Apple and how he started Maingear!

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    Charli Marie - Web / Graphic Designer & YouTuber (#24)

    Charlie Marie is a web and graphic designer based in London. She shares design advice and vlogs on her YouTube channel that just passed 100k subscribers! Things we talk about: the good and bad about design school, the importance of personal branding, what YouTube's residency "Next Up" is like and the relationship dynamic between the designer and developer.

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    Eamon and Bec - Van Life Couple (#21)

    Eamon and Bec are a Toronto-based couple who live full-time and run a business out of their self converted Sprinter Van! # VAN LIFE

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    BONUS: Apple WWDC 2018! ft. WWDC Developers

    Bonus episode podcast from my first ever apple event - WWDC 2018! This episode features - Jothi Ramaswamy, Jay Lees, Amanda Southworth and Grey Osten.

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    Max Rantz-McDonald - A Life Lived in Fear is a Life Half Lived (#19)

    Max doesn't have a fixed address and has traveled over 100 countries. He is the owner of Adventure Factory that was born out of an unrelenting passion to travel across distant lands to seek out amazing adventures and the people that yearn for them. In this episode we talk about Max organizing Jon Olsson's crazy bachelor party, how to run a business on the road, what his family thinks of all of his travel and his instagram picture with Lionel Richie.

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